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Halloween obligatory journal

Sun Oct 31, 2010, 5:40 PM

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it, i hope you have fun, and i hope you like my Halloween icons.. :P

Also, i want to feature this guy :iconkecajpl:

kecajpl is awesome and under-appreciated, be sure to check out his gallery.
Some of my favorites:
hello. nice to meet you. by kecajpl meet alfred by kecajpl wanderers by kecajpl Terminus by kecajpl nemo by kecajpl

Also, i have 3 invites left for ♥DSGN, if anyone is interested, drop me a note.


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Sun Oct 10, 2010, 9:05 AM


First of all, thank you for your feedback on App Icons, i got pretty big list of apps, and it will take some time before i get everything done.

The reason why i'm so late is that i will almost graduate!! :iconyaybounceplz:
I've passed all my exams, now i only have one final before i get my diploma. :)

In other news

LedMaiden's video games contest is officially over, and here are the winners:
Boulder Dash Emote by Krissi001 Boulder Dash Emote by Krissi001 :iconcheerplz:

Special mentions!
Button bash by magistycal :gamer: by ROBlNHOOD

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Interview, Graduation and Missing Pig

Tue Aug 17, 2010, 8:57 AM

Hello everyone!

First of all, me and Noctuline were interviewed by SoundForge for iconpaper. You can read the interview here.
Thanks again, SoundForge, for the opportunity.

I'm about to graduate in a month or two, i have a few exams left, so i won't be around much, i know i've promised some things to some people, but they are all on hold, please have patience.

In other news
I Can't find my USB Pig anywhere, i thought my friend has it, but he told me he gave it back to me.. I really hope it turns out somewhere.. :shrug:

Socket by kyo-tux by kyo-tux   Revenge by mushir by mushir   Classy V.2 by Gurato by Gurato  and FREE ICON ARCANINE by uPikachu by uPikachu

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Thu Aug 5, 2010, 3:47 PM

Just wanted to say you can now download Senary as individual icons in all formats:


.ico and .icns @ You can download Windows icons as a single pack (at the bottom of the page), but you'll have to download .icns files individually.
And while there you can also rate my icons. :aww:


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Pack Galore Contest Winners!

Sun May 30, 2010, 7:36 AM

With a bit of delay, here are the winners and runner-ups for Pack Galore Contest:

:iconemoteclapping1plz::iconemoteclapping2plz: Congratulations to all the winners!

1st place!

Packs Galore Pack by Wooded-Wolf
by Wooded-Wolf :iconwooded-wolf:

2nd place!

ManiacalMuffin :iconmaniacalmuffin:

3rd place!

Multicolored Emote Pack by CookiemagiK
CookiemagiK :iconcookiemagik:

Runners Up!

A Pack by Mr-Jaunty Frostymotes pack by elicoronel16 Ninja Emote Pack by CheekyNana

Honorable mentions!

Packs Galore Emote Contest by MixedMilkChOcOlate EMOTE PACK by stuck-in-suburbia :thumb159791267: Its A Pack by capncraka Emote Pack by KlauS92 BurgerBunny's Animated Emotes by BurgerBunny iPack by SparklyDest Pack Galore Emote Entry by JulienPradet Animated Pack by AutumnOwl Emote Pack by Krissi001

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I HATE V7!!!

Wed May 19, 2010, 5:07 PM

I LOVE V7!!! :la:

No, i HATE V7!! :tantrum:

Or, wait.. :confused:
I don't really care.. :shrug:
Simplified, drop down menus, reminds of some social network, doesn't remind.. I like the fact that they finally re-did notes system, i don't like hidden descriptions on deviation pages.. But still, just go with it.. If we don't adapt, we don't evolve.. :shrug:

I hate v7!!!
I love v7!!!
Stop global warming!!!
Bring back Arrested Development!!!
And Firefly!!!


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Tue May 4, 2010, 1:28 PM

It's been a month since i updated my journal.

I don't have anything to say, just wanted to remove the old journal from my page.

So.. Ignore plz..


Check out my gallery :boogie:


Well.. (UPDATE)

Mon Apr 12, 2010, 4:24 AM

It's cold, gray, and raining like hell outside.
So i'll just stay here with you guys. :D

Events & Stuff

It's 4 hours until we can have first glance at new Adobe Creative Suite 5. :la:
MasterPhotoshop is hosting couple of events in this occasion. After chat with OneFreeInternet last night, they'll have Layer Tennis, with some nice prizes. There will be some more contests after the CS5 launch, probably. :shrug:

deviantWEAR has chosen 20 semi-finalists in 2010 Design Battle. You can check them out here, and vote for your favorite by faving, commenting & stuff. I'm not really happy with entries selected, but my definite favorites are:
Semi-Finalist: 'DAmind' by deviantWEAR by dotLinks & Semi-Finalist: 'dA 2010 Shirt' by deviantWEAR by IceFlame1019

Contests & Stuff

Pack-it-in is holding Packs Galore Contest, with some amazing prizes, emoticonists, go nao! :la:

Fabrazz is holding a contest, with awesome prizes, and you are able to use almost any medium! :w00t:

Groups & Stuff

:iconthemed-desktops: - new group where you can see some of the masterpieces of desktop customization!

DDs & Stuff

My DD suggestion got accepted! I rarely suggest DDs, but Upojenie was something i've been waiting for quite some time to see finished, and it turned out awesome! If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, i recommend you to try it out!
Upojenie by SoundForge


Thanks for all the llamas, i think i gave one back to all, if not, let me know.


Today i sparkle more than SparklyDest (no offense) :)

Nice one dA :clap:

So, give me llama badge, and i'll give you one back, let's trade! :eager:

In other news, i fixed my computer, and i'm back to work. But who cares, it's april fools, right? :D
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Fri Mar 19, 2010, 9:16 AM

My Computer crashed yesterday. I'm not sure if the problem is RAM or the fact that my GPU fan sounds like a grinder.. :)

All work is on hold.. :(


Tue Mar 16, 2010, 11:29 AM

My Senary icons received a DD today! :icondweebdanceplz:
Big thanks to JJ-Ying for featuring them, and thanks for all the comments and favs, i'll reply to all soon.
If you like Senary icons, and use Rainmeter, please check Senary HDD Monitor, Mac style HDD icons.

Features & Stuff

Thanks to SoundForge, who gave me 3 months sub, i'll be featuring some of my favorite deviations or deviants in every journal..

:iconsilencemira: silencemira
Icon design 'Castle' by silencemira AI icons for windows by silencemira Candy icons by silencemira

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Long journal is..

Fri Mar 5, 2010, 8:46 AM

My girlfriend joined dA :w00t:
She's learning to work with Photoshop for about a month, so she's still new, she only has one deviation so far - Tokens by Noctuline
Go visit her and send her some hugs, she's Noctuline.. :aww:

Projects & Stuff

Check out the awesome Blue Ball Project, if you haven't already. :la:

Icons & Stuff

If you have any requests for dock icons you'd like to see in monochrome version, please do tell. Next ones i'm making are Opera, Chrome, and Adobe icons.

Features & Stuff

:iconmixedmilkchocolate: MixedMilkChOcOlate

:thumb146508903: EmoteXEmote by MixedMilkChOcOlate New avi emote style by MixedMilkChOcOlate

:iconstinky9: Stinky9

WereFox2 by Stinky9 White Block by Stinky9 Onibari Ultimate by Stinky9

:iconnemed: Nemed

Earth Icon 2 by Nemed Speaker Icon by Nemed Ocean Concept by Nemed

:iconegotreep: Egotreep

:thumb150503562: :thumb152397104: :thumb142523796:

Special feature

:iconsoundforge: SoundForge, who was kind to give me 3 months sub. Thanks mate! :highfive:

Upojenie WIP v2 by SoundForge Sista Release by SoundForge Woofie iTunes Icon by SoundForge Amphibious 1.1 by SoundForge Joulz by SoundForge

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Do you know any application with animal in it's name? Like Firefox, Thunderbird, Bearshare, etc.

Please tell me.. :)
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Damn, it's been awhile! I wasn't active for a long time, but that's about to change. I've been really busy lately with school and work, but now i have some time to do stuff i love, stuff i will make just for the sake of making and sharing it, stuff not requested, or paid for.

So, how's everything around here? I bet i missed a lot. Any news on legend revamp? I can't believe i'm about to finish graduate school, and we started revamping before i even started it. :faint:

For now, i don't take requests for avatars or emoticons, i'm just making stuff for fun.

My first deviation after a long time, yay!
Whack by arrioch

Cheers! :ahoy:
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Yes, i am aware of the virus..

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2009, 8:41 PM

So don't send me any more notes..
14 is more than enough..


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10 interesting facts about emoticons

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 25, 2009, 4:16 PM

For all emoticonists, and those who like emoticons, here is link for some interesting emoticon facts:

10 Things You Didn't Know About Emoticons

Cheers! :ahoy:


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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2009, 5:42 AM

So, i guess, in dA years, i'm old enough for retirement..

I want to say congratulations too all friends who received senior status, and who got their emoticons in emoticon legend..

My emoticons that got listed are :blush: :reading: & :stupidme:
It's a nice choice, although i was eager to see some others added, like :spank:, :glomp:, :highfive:, or :sleepy:..
So, go to Emoticon Legend and check out the new emotes..

Now i have to go, it's time for my 3 o'clock medicine.. :giggle:


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Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2009, 2:58 PM

Comment CSS journal, woooo!!


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Journal Entry: Mon May 4, 2009, 7:11 PM
I just want to see how this skin looks..

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The DD Journal

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2009, 7:31 AM
OMG, i got it again..

As you probably know already, my :killtwobirdswithonestone: was awarded a DD by Synfull (Thanks again :hug:). Due to number of requests, i've made it into a plz - :iconkill2birdswith1stone: (type :iconkill2birdswith1stone: in comment or journal to use it)..

So, what i've been up to lately?

So, mostly freelance work for various clients. I've made some simple logos, some not-so-simple logos, textures for 3D models, some game sprites, around 200 orbz icons, then some more high res orbz, some desktop icons, and i'm finishing a tattoo design for my girlfriend.
Now i'm trying to get permissions to post some of my work here, if possible, if i do get all permissions, you'll have your deviations inbox swamped..

New emotes?

Hopefully, yes.. I've tried something few days ago, but i'm a bit rusty.. Hopefully something soon..

Thank you all who faved and commented on my work! :iconnewglomp:

Cheers, guys! :ahoy:

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